Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday Oct 16th

Ray Cooper

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Many of you will remember Ray as Chopper in the Oysterband but in 2013 he decided to go solo and has never looked back. He moved to Sweden in 2000 to a small red wooden house close to the forest and the wild beasts. The love of winter, the Swedish fiddle tunes and the love of a woman took him there. ‘There is a melancholy to the music—it’s the blues of the north. It is home.’

Ray has produced four fabulous albums to date—the awe-inspiring and moving Tales of Love War & Death by Hanging in 2010, Palace of Tears  in 2014, Between the Golden Age & The Promised Land released in April 2018 and Land of Heroes in 2021. The fourth, Even For a Shadow will be released on 3rd May 2024.

His latest album has a road theme and features guest appearances from Kathryn Roberts, Ben Paley, Emma Härdelin, Sunniva Bondesson and many others.

‘A journey, and a long one, over forty solo tours in the last twelve years and a lot of time to think. I get many of my song ideas when I am driving; it is also the only time I listen to music. These songs are my memories, imagined conversations and thoughts.
This album is like a car journey and the kind of radio I would like to hear, but rarely find’

This is folk but it’s never quite folk. You will not forget this evening!