Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday Nov 8th

John Ward Trio

John has lived most of his life in the most easterly town of the British Isles and feels a strong connection with the sea. His interest in the British coastline and the local history of his home port town of Lowestoft and the surrounding area has inspired many of his folk songs. He is recognised as a formidable songwriter on the national folk scene and writes in a variety of styles, often about the natural world, children and family, local and personal heritage, social issues, injustice and hope for the future.

As well as being an outstanding writer, John is a fine guitarist, bassist, harmonica and bodhran player and plays multiple instruments on his own recordings - drums, percussion, banjo, mandolin and ukulele. 

In 2014, Les Woodley, joined forces with John and Lynne to bring a fuller sound to these excellent songs that often capture the spirit of the times. The Trio also draws on its wider repertoire of traditional and contemporary songs and tunes, particularly songs suited to chorus singing. Their choice of material, variety of instruments, versatility and engaging humour, not to mention Johnís blistering bodhran solos, will delight and entertain .

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