Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday Dec 13th

The Lost Notes

This local  5-piece group are always a real treat! They are based in Moseley where politics, drunkenness, misery and glee abound. It makes for a great night out! Oli Jobes likes folk, Ben Mills likes jazz and they contend to cover a wide spectrum of music from RnB, funk, blues, country and folk-a fast-paced set that is always high on fun and audience engagement. Again I defy you to sit still during their ‘Green Grass’ song. They sing songs about things that matter. Like the perils of one night stands and plastic surgery, the plight of bankers, greaseballs, snakes, Greco-Roman health and safety failings, mules, mermaids and the downright miserable. So be ready for a fabulous evening of fun, dance and music.

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